Our work is made possible by the support of public and private initiatives for the democratization of culture.

Concomitentes is a non-profit cultural production association that seeks to contribute to the democratization of access to culture in collaboration with civil society groups of various kinds.

The association was founded in June 2018 and is listed on the National Register of Associations (number 616306).

Its Charter and Articles of Association are available here.

By 2023 we estimate that 68% of our income will come from our founding patron, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation; 14% of the European Commission; 8% of the Presidency of Spain of the Council of the European Union; 8% of the Diputación de A Coruña; and 1% of the Fundación Santander.

Concomitentes Association
Calle Alameda 22
28014 Madrid, Spain

Legal Representative
Fran Quiroga (President)

+34 910 606 356


    We share and evaluate our governance

    Concomitentes draws on several evaluation mechanisms. At the level of the work we do, the association organises an annual Laboratory in which experts from the cultural and social fields analyse the Concomitancias (commissions) in progress, to ensure that they are appropriate to the context they are part of and check that they contribute to contemporary debates.

    At the economic level, Concomitentes is subject to external audit by Economistas Sin Fronteras and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. Internally, the association also prepares quarterly account balances with its Board of Directors. Concomitentes is committed to transparent reporting and communication with those who support us, be they individuals or public or private institutions.

    Strategy (2022-2023) (in Spanish)