There is no art without community, which is why we co-create public programmes for joint action and reflection.

In addition to the concomitancias and the production of artworks, we also aim to explore the responses that emerge in the process of the practice itself. Concomitentes is an open invitation for citizens to continue to think together about how to create a more inclusive society while also taking care of the planet. We organise activities, research, and gatherings that generate knowledge and encourage debate on the issues that affect us, such as grassroots participation, sustainability, mediation, and contemporary art.
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Sustainability Governance Conference

Concomitentes has organised the Sustainability Governance Conference, which took place at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid from 4pm on Friday 14 October. The conference explored alternative models of governance that promote democracy, and contributed to the discussion on the most pressing social issues relating to sustainability and the challenges set out in the 2030 Agenda.

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Debate on Mediation

Mediation involves listening, desire, and frustration. It also involves negotiation, trust, and above all, connection. This experimental research project is a springboard from which to explore the tensions and complexities inherent to mediation, which is an essential act in culture: a mechanism through which to generate spaces of enunciation.

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Mutations in Public Space

When the pandemic inevitably restricted public space, it was a blow that highlighted political processes which were already emerging in recent decades: the growing standardisation of space, social inequality, mutual distrust, the dismantling of public and community initiatives, and the desire for immediacy have made themselves felt more forcefully in recent years.

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Open Call: Art for Sustainability

Until 10 June 2022, we invited proposals to generate a new Concomitancia. We provide 30,000 euros to support the selected proposal, which should address an environmental and/or social challenge through grassroots participation. In this section you can find out about the background and details of this open call.