"Generate a cultural product that improves the emotional care of patients in the paediatric intensive care unit"

The work of the nursing staff who look after the children in the paediatric ICU extends way beyond tasks that would be considered strictly nursing: without specialist skills, they play the role of child and family psychologists, of teachers who help the children learn about their bodies and health, of clowns who entertain them and make them laugh when they are going through hard times, and even of mothers and fathers when the parents are absent. So in practice, without a professional psychologist, the mental health aspects and emotional care of the children and their families is managed by those who spend the most time caring for them: the nursing staff. How can an artwork or a cultural product help in this situation? That is the question that this Concomitancia will explore.

In general terms, it is evident that a situation of emotional stress in a child who has just been hospitalized could be solved with additional resources: employ more specialist staff who can provide ongoing support to the children and their families. Unfortunately, the crisis, or the path taken by medical institutions, has not managed to prioritize this. So we have a group of people who do vital work in the physical and mental care of hospitalized people.

The nursing staff at the pediatric ICU at Nuestra Señora de Candelaria University Hospital, who are the citizen-commissioners of this project, have already identified the need for a narrative-based physical object that can help them manage the emotions and feelings of hospitalized children. So, we are not talking about a brochure of some kind, but rather an attractive cultural and artistic product that is worth using. This is the task that lies ahead: to determine how to meet the professional requirements of the nursing staff and at the same time consider the best format and the most suitable artist to create a fitting artwork.

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