About Us


Do you have an idea for a citizen-commission? We would like to talk with you.

Currently, the Concomitentes team comprises Felipe G. Gil (ZEMOS98), Veronica Valentini, Fran Quiroga, Julia Morandeira, and Sören Meschede. Felipe, Fran, Julia, and Veronica are mediators and also ambassadors of the programme in their regions, with Sören in the role of general coordinator.
We endeavour to disseminate our model for the production of artworks among possible citizen-commissioners, sponsors, and cultural agents.

Our aim is to gradually open up to new commissions from all over Spain. As such, Concomitentes resumes and scales up to a national level the discontinued Nuevos Comanditarios Euskadi project, which was run by Artehazia (Association for Cultural Innovation, Arts, and Society) and gave rise to four projects in the Basque Country between 2011 and 2017.

If you would like to know more, if you are interested in the programme in general or you have an idea for a future Concomitancia, please get in touch.

  • Sören Meschede


    is a cultural manager and producer. He works mainly in the field of collaborative and participatory artistic practices; and specifically researches in a practical way how to generate a new form of institutionality that can meet the specific needs of this artistic field. Sören coordinated the hablarenarte association until summer, 2018, generating projects such as CAPP and the Curators' Network. He recently co-edited the Impossible Glossary (Madrid, 2018), a compendium of texts and interviews about collaborative art practices in Spain.

  • Felipe G. Gil (ZEMOS98)


    is a member of ZEMOS98, a team of cultural workers, based in Seville. ZEMOS98 researches, programs and produces contents related to education, communication and audiovisual communication. Their activities are always mindful of how, where and why knowledge and culture is being produced and emphazise accountability and a critical approach to what is understood as the sociocultural function of communication, digital and audiovisual culture and, in sum, contemporary thinking.


  • Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga


    works as curator and researcher and lives in Madrid, where she directs escuelita at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo - CA2M. That collective-research organism operates as the institution's digestive system. Her work consists of a critical exploration of cultural and visual production and knowledge and it develops through long-term projects with a variety of formats and gestures, including Canibalia; link: http://betalocal.org/la-practica/julia-morandeira/ text: Be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together); Nothing is true, everything is alive, and Estudios de la Noche

  • Fran Quiroga


    is a trans-disciplinary researcher and currently co-directs the Fiestas Raras project. From his base in A Coruña, he explores new formulas for hybridizing areas of activity such as contemporary creation, social innovation and thought. His interests revolve around contemporary popular cultures, the commons, social participation, political imagination, the creation of new spaces for the production and distribution of knowledge, the rural and the public sphere. Fran has coordinated PEMAN (the Program of Studies in Shared Hands) and directed #salóndoMARCO.

  • Veronica Valentini


    works as curator and researcher in Barcelona. Her practice addresses subjects related to the creation of the public sphere, developing exhibitions, public programs, residencies, training and research. She is co-director and co-founder of the BAR project and E.M.M.A., two self-organized curatorial organizations that she considers tools for thinking and imagination. The former is active around Barcelona, while the latter is international and itinerant in scope.


  • Noelia Barrientos


    Noelia Barrientos is a journalist with ten years of experience in media and public relations. Having lived in Paris, Buenos Aires, London, and Santiago de Chile, she has a great capacity to adapt to new contexts. As a believer in culture’s power to transform society, she is interested in cultural communication and management. She spends her free time rock climbing and watching theatre and more theatre. She has been in charge of the Concomitentes communication strategy since 2020.

  • Alicia Ruiz


    Alicia Ruiz is a cultural manager and graphic designer with a strong interest in collaborative, situated cultural practices. She was programmer and coordinator of the local culture project Mirador Usera at Intermediæ Matadero, in collaboration with Madrid City Council, and has worked with numerous formal and informal citizen associations, collectives, and arts institutions, including consonni and INJUVE. Part of the Concomitentes coordination team since 2021.