“Ensure that functional diversity has a space for meeting and celebrating in society”

The starting point of this project is the desire expressed by two functional diversity activists for a communal space in which to come together and celebrate: to "dance with" the various affective, invisibilized communities in the city and "move" the discriminations that separate us. A desire that is also a necessity, because despite advances we are still nowhere near social equality.

Taking into account the important audiovisual projects linked to functional diversity that have already been produced by the two commissioners, Maria Oliver and Antonio Centeno, together with OVI-Oficina de Vida Independiente's members and others participants, Diversorium aims to explore the cultural and social meaning of difference by developing new forms of cooperation, interaction and connection between people.

But how can we accept non-normative bodies, overcoming the punitive gaze that only regards "healthy" and "beautiful" bodies? What can we do to stop the inquisitorial mechanisms and interact through closeness? How can we deal with prejudices rather than remaining trapped in them? Where could these transformations take place?

Through a series of hybrid public programs combining talk, cabaret, food, performance, music and dance with moments of attention and pleasure in which to learn and unlearn the multiple possibilities of being and being-able-to-be, Diversorium project and the subsequent artwork will foster mainstreaming and intersection processes among participants, generating knowledge and dialogue in diversities.

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