Diario 24.02.2021

Lanzamos el primer vídeo de Diversorium

La primera fiesta Diversorium en La (3) de Sala Apolo

How to accept bodies outside the norm and how to overcome punitive gazes that consider only "healthy" and "beautiful" bodies? How to stop these inquisitorial mechanisms and operate through proximity? How to deal with prejudices instead of remaining sequestered in them? And where could these transformations take place? Diversorium: Artes vivas y espacio de convivencia starts through the initiative of two activists, Antonio Centeno and María Oliver, and the mediator, Veronica Valentini, in order to break down the barriers that separate bodies and propose a new place from which to get together, on the basis of cooperation, relationship and connection. We share with you the video that documents the first stages of its journey a year ago, just before the lockdown: A project more necessary than ever.