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Reflexion 24.07.2020

Mutations in Public Space

View of Domino Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Photo: Marcella Winograd. From "Park Politics: Equity and Public Space During COVID-19", www.azuremagazine.com

A Questionnaire for the Future, Report #1

In April 2020, we launched a questionnaire that invited citizens to reflect on the future of the common and the public in a post-COVID-19 era. We want to share with you a first, preliminary visual report that we obtained from the raw data of this questionnaire.

During the beginning of the pandemic and in this strange moment of global disorientation, we wanted to see if this health tragedy could also be conceived as an opportunity to identify what is important to us: at an individual level, but also as a society. The survey, entitled "A Questionnaire for the Future" was available in English, German and Spanish from 22 April to 22 June. 498 people took part, mainly from Spain, but we also received many responses from Germany and a dozen other countries, mainly from Europe.

1. Where are you staying during lockdown?

From the very start we suspected that with this survey we would not obtain values with such a statistical validity as to dare to draw general conclusions, specifically we had the feeling that the number of surveys would not be too high, nor would we succeed in overcoming the sectoral barrier. And indeed, the numbers of participants are relatively discreet and most of the people who answered, work in the cultural and social sector.

Are you working? In which sector?

However, we believe that the soft data that we obtained with this survey, the testimonies, and comments with which people made us aware of their ideas, desires and fears concerning the future, have a high value for the experimental research with which we want to continue investigating the impact of the pandemic in our societies, above all in relation to public space.

This research, with the working title MUTATIONS IN PUBLIC SPACE, will make good use of some of the main topics of the questionnaire. At the end of this process we will produce a series of podcasts and a publication that offer a kaleidoscopic set of voices and visions on the value of the common and of public space in times of collective crisis.

Please have a look at the pdf with the whole report.